How it works?

Register a business name in 3 easy steps
Step 1
Free name search

Check that your preferred business name is still available using our free online tool which in linked live with all key government authorities.

Step 2
Immediate Processing

Select 1 or 3 year registration and complete easy online application to secure your business name then proceed to checkout – it only takes minutes to complete.

Step 3
You’ve got mail!

That's it, you’re done. Your business name is registered and your certificate is delivered straight to your inbox together with free business resource toolkit

What you’ll need?
Item 1
ABN or ABN reference number

Don’t have an ABN, no worries, we’ll register one for you as part of your application

Item 2
Name and particulars

The government requires that you provide your correct name, personal tax file number, ACN (if company) and date of birth of all people involved in the business enterprise

Item 3
Contact details

Your personal and business address in Australia, email, phone contact or mobile number

Our easy online
paperless application
is perfect if you’re:

  • Starting a new business
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Diversifying your main business interests

Secure your business name today, before it’s too late!

With over 300,000 new business names registered in Australia each year, avoid the disappointment of missing out on your perfect name.